Q: Are your drivers sold in pairs?

A: Yes, the unit of drivers and speakers on our website is always “a pair”, all prices are for a pair.

Q: I’m in Europe Union and find that you charge VAT for EU customers, do I need to pay additional import tax when I receive the products?

A: No. VAT is charged under circumstance that the product is sent from warehouse within EU. In some cases, such as low stock in local warehouse, we will send drivers from China, in this case, we ensure you that what you paid is all, we will take charge of any extra cost. You can also ask to take care of the clearance yourself, in that case, we will only charge the excluding VAT price + shipping.

Q: I see someone else selling different products elsewhere, is that yours?

A: Our models are slowly and strictly developed and we only have models listed on this official website, selling by recognized channels.

Q: Where are your drivers made?

A: We proudly annonce that all our drivers are in unique design and made in Hangzhou, China. By our passion, love, as well as our own techs and experiences developed through years of hard working in this field.

Q: What kind of transport do you use to deliver the drivers and to which countries?

A: In general we use express transporters such as DHL as transport method as it gives a good coverage of delivery. By principal we are willing to send drivers worldwide, but as we are not a big company that has matured delivery system, mostly we focus on delivery to far Eastern Asia (countries around China), Australia, North America and Western Europe. Our delivery model might not be correctly set to other countries so we might need to contact you to fix the transport rate.

Q: I want to return the driver and get payback, how can I do?

A: In case of quality failure, you will get a full refund or replacement with drivers in good condition if you agree. Otherwise, you have a right of 45 days trial period, counted from date of delivery to your place and date of shipping back the products. Please ensure that the goods are in good condition of recommercialization and send them to us, after verified the good condition, we will proceed the refund except for a 15% restocking fee.

Q: I don’t know how to build the cabinet, can you help us?

A: For most of our drivers, we have instructions and design plans for suitable cabinet. Official speakers will be available in the future for those who have difficulties DIY the enclosure.

Q: I have purchased your drivers but why during days the status is “processing” and no tracking number?

A: We ensure all customers that all drivers in stock ordered will be shipped within 2 Chinese working days, or else they will be well informed in advance. As shipping worldwide, we cooperate with multiple transporters through a great variety of channels. Not all of them get proper API with our system, and for some destinations things might be even more complicated, for example, to some countries, the first half of route will be taken by an importer to help to deal with the import and the second half done by common express delivery (DHL, TNT, UPS, FedEx, etc.) but this can help customers to get rid of troublesome procedures. So it might happen that your parcel is sent but we can’t have immediately a tracking number to communicate. However, our claimed delay is serious and we hold responsibility to have customers get conform product.