1. In all cases, the information that a client provided to lii-audio will be used only for exchanges between lii-audio team and the client, and for completing orders where a third party (like transporter) is necessary. lii-audio will not provide them to any third party for other commercial purpose than completing order.
  2. By providing their information to lii-audio, the clients acknowledge that lii-audio may use them contact the clients for on-sale and after-sale service, as well as promotion of new products.
  3. The client can ask lii-audio to correct information he/she provided, by sending email or making a telephone call.
  4. Lii-audio is not responsible for consequences caused by false information provided by client.
  5. This site is not dedicated to users under the age of 16, lii-audio will not neither keep information of person under 16-year-old. Providing information of a person under this age will be regarded as false information.