Since the year 2020, this website and its products has no more relationship with the Chinese brand “Xi Zi La Ba Hua” and all their misleading declaration of us being their overseas branch is invalid, we would not recognize nor provide after-sale service for “Xi Zi La Ba Hua”. We keep the initial objective of concentrating on providing better and affordable audiophile products created in China, and keep on the same classic products recognized by the market as well as new ones with improvements and optimizations. Lii Song is the brand that we use universally for China and global markets.
自2020年起,本网站及所售产品与中国品牌“西子喇叭花”不存在关联,亦不属于该品牌“海外销售部门”,我们不为“西子喇叭花”品牌及产品提供售后服务。我们坚持不断开发更优秀的中国创造音响发烧产品的初心,且始终如一地提供受市场认可的经典产品,及开发更加优良的新品。Lii Song是我们统一用于中国和世界市场的品牌。