Majorly Lii Song are offering 4 series of full range speakers: F series, Fast series, Silver series and Platinum series. It might be a little confusing to choose from these therefore we would like to introduce a little our conception and positioning for these speakers.

We can sort these series into two general classes: economic and premium. F and Fast belongs to economic class, Silver and Platinum belongs to premium class. Generally, within each class, you can use higher tier driver as a drop-in upgrade for lower tier driver of the same size in an enclosure that is already working well, and expect better outcome.

This does not mean that in any circumstance, premium class would sound better than economic class. HiFi follows the “Barrel Theory” and the higher the class is, the better it would require from the whole system and environment or you will witness “junk in, junk out” theory. Also, everyone has everyone’s HiFi and higher class won’t obligatorily fit everyone’s taste, but in terms of technical competence and compatibility of types of music, they do work better.

If you are new to full range world or not using high-end system, we would strongly suggest to start from F and Fast series as being economic and user-friendly that good sound can be easily gain, especially they will renew your impression about how human voice and single instrument can be if you are used to sound of multi-way speaker. Besides, F and Fast drivers are open baffle friendly for building open baffle with single driver.

If you seek something with high speed, detail, imaging and cleanness to pair with your high-end system, then Silver and Platinum are what we will recommend. They have quite strict demand on system, source, enclosure and environment but if can achieve their top performance you will be happily surprised.

Aside of these series, we also have some metal cone speakers, like Al-3, Al-4 and Crystal-6, for more “home usage” purpose. These metal cone speakers have great dynamics and can handle almost all kinds of music, giving unbelievable soundstage and punch that you won’t believe is from a single driver of its size.

Also we have woofer series named as “W”, they are used to pair with our full range units on open baffle to compensate the baffle loss. One of the most famous application is Liionidas Open Baffle, designed by Leon Huijgen and approved by many.

Above are our little advises for choosing the drivers, hope they bring some help to your musical exploration of our little brand and the world of full range speakers.