One Pair | New 8″ Fullrange Drivers | Fine and clear sound | Fast-8


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Technical Data: 
1. PMSE-Free 0.42 Ohms
2. Fs 47 Hz
3. Re 6.33 Ohms(dc)
4. Res 64.66 Ohms
5. Qms 7.10
6. Qes 0.69
7. Qts 0.62
8. L1 0.10 mH
9. L2 0.68 mH
10.R2 3.73 Ohms
11.RMSE-load 0.36 Ohms
13.Vas(sd) 69.7 liters
14.Mms 10.28 grams
15.Cms 1084 uM/Newton
16.Bl 5.15 Tesla-M
17.Splref(sd) 94 dB(Re)
18.Rub-index 0.02

Method: Mass-loaded (13 000 grams)

Area (Sd): 213.82 sq cm

Drc mode: Measure (-0.11 ohms)

Qc file: CLOSED

Weight (a pair): 7 KG


Plans for the driver:

Fast-8 is our new 8″ full range driver among Fast series. As the name gives it has a fast sensitivity, and like all Lii Audio FR drivers, it has exquisite and clear style of sound. With a Qts of 0.62, it can be a good choice for Open Baffles.

*For the new batch of Fast-8, we have upgraded the phase cone to acrylic one that has standardized shape especially for the top point, without natural knots or fissures like wooden ones, and with surface specially designed, to bring a slight improvement on the high end.


Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 26 × 26 × 26 cm

3 reviews for One Pair | New 8″ Fullrange Drivers | Fine and clear sound | Fast-8

  1. Michael Desimone (verified owner)

    I put these drivers into a custom pair of transition line boxes and have been driving them with a couple of tube amps, one with el34 tubes and the other a 300b tubes.
    Am l happy? Yes! And all l can say is, “Thank you Lii audio.”

  2. Greg Silva (verified owner)

    First, DO NOT JUDGE THESE UNTIL THEY ARE BROKEN IN! These drivers need at least 50 hrs to start their journey.

    I am really impressed with the overall tonal balance of these drivers. I am playing them currently in a narrow MDF baffle to get to know them before I pair them with a woofer. The more I listen to them the more amazed I am. They have a very “sweet” sounding “smooth” presentation. The highs are clean and precise. The mids are warm and clear. The lows are clear and balanced. I am actually amazed at the bass they put out. No they are not thumping rattling your room and chest, but the are precise and present adding to the full tone.

    These speakers have only made me more curious about the other Lii offerings. If I could describe them in one word it would be “addictive”!!! Jazz and acoustic music sounds so life like. I am using a Citation II to lower them which is way more than they need.

    I can’t wait to pair them with a F-15 or W-15…. I haven’t decided. Highly recommend!

  3. Fabricio Lombardi (verified owner)

    Very clear and satisfying sound. Nice to listen to music with percussion… really nice. You may need to add a subwoofer.

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