One Pair | New 6″ Fullrange Drivers | Exquisite Human Voice | Silver-6


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Technical Data: 
Impedance: 8 ohm
Power: 25 – 50 W
Frequency response: Fu – 20k Hz
Fs: 48.9 Hz
Sd: 132.73 cm²
Qms: 14.525
Qes: 0.292
Qts: 0.286
Sensitivity: 98.3 dB (2.83V/1m)
Vas: 26.05 litre

Weight (a pair): 3 KG


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Silver-6 has a paper cone using same material and structure as other Silver series. This driver is highlighted in human voice in a realistic and warm style. This driver is ideal for limited place, bookshelf or desktop application.




Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm

3 reviews for One Pair | New 6″ Fullrange Drivers | Exquisite Human Voice | Silver-6

  1. Shawn York (verified owner)

    Congratulations Lii Audio. I’ve been couch-locked for three days straight listening to these little gems. You’ve managed to shock the hell out of me. I’ve been playing with different speakers since I was 14 years old when I got my very first job installing car stereos. That was 1979. With only one exception, (Wilson Audio speakers) I’ve never heard the human voice reproduced with such accuracy. Absolutely impeccable. I’ll be ordering your 12” drivers next. Thank you for your passion and commitment to perfection. Seriously.

  2. Steven Goldstein (verified owner)

    Really amazing speakers, they are unreal for there size in 3D stage and performance. I put these in my M600 and they sound awesome

  3. mjw25a

    These are the most transparent, revealing speakers I have ever run. The strength, and weakness of these drivers is their transparency. Don’t pair these with a cheap Topping DAC and amp and expect great results as they’ll reflect the sonics of the equipment in front of them. Mine are currently paired with the following sound chain and give the most lifelike presentation I’ve ever experienced: Roon > Soundaware D300REF streamer + Trifecta Word CLK / CEC TL5 CD transport > Audio-GD R7HE Mk2 2023 DAC + Trifecta 10Mhz CLK > Absolute Audio Labs ASL-1Z Pre & SIT-A15 Power Amp.

    My speakers were early samples and I changed the binding posts to EIZZ EZ-301 low mass copper binding posts and internal wiring for solid core Duelund copper + silver wiring twisted together on both negative and positive wiring runs from the binding posts to each driver. This gave a notable improvement in overall performance allowing the more of the signal through from the components in front. Well worth the effort. I also replaced the speaker spikes with IsoAcoustics GAIA III feet though can’t comment on the improvement if there was any as I installed these the day I recieved the speakers.

    My user review is over here:

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