One Pair | Reference Level 10″ Fullrange Drivers | Platinum-10


Technical Data: 

Impedance: 8 ohm
Power: 25 – 50 W
Frequency response: Fu – 20k Hz
Fs: 28.3 Hz
Sd: 373.25 cm²
Qms: 11.365
Qes: 0.108
Qts: 0.107
Sensitivity: 103.3 dB (2.83V/1m)
Vas: 552.18 litre

Weight (a pair): 22 KG

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The conception of Platinum-10 started in 2020, after development of Silver-10 we kept thinking about possible upgrades to improve this at-the-time flagship. The first idea was to upgrade the magnet with some adjustments to expand the frequency response, and improve the capacity to handle more types of music. However over time we kept finding something that can be improved: coil, wire, suspension, phase plug and restarted our work to start from scratch time and again. With so much time and effort efforts invested, we began to consider: Why don’t do a no-compromise model with all improvements to show what our brand is capable of? Based on this idea, we considered no more merely an “upgraded Silver-10” but something totally new.

The last part of the project was completed in 2022 when we discovered a new paper cone pulp recipe that is almost perfect for what is required for full range speakers, and without hesitation used it for the new model. After this, given that it was effectively a completely new driver, we created our new flagship “Platinum” series.

The Platinum-10 is an amazing speaker as it combines every improvement we know of with no consideration given to driver build cost. The powerful motor system, unique cone and coil brings a sensitivity of 103 dB and allows very transparent sound with a little warm but honest tone; with robust supporting system and dedicated suspension, its bass even amazed the analysts in the acoustic lab where we test our drivers, and ensures very good high end extension while the high is very smooth, exquisite and not shouty at all even without breaking in. Aside of description for frequencies, it has very good dynamic reaction, instrument separation and imaging.

This driver by very virtue of its incredible transparency demands to be paired with a high end signal chain. While it will get the best from an reference level system it will also show up the slightest shortcomings in a system. This makes it even possible to distinguish digital editing in track if is heavily “flavored”.



*** Aside of this simple plan, if you are looking for a more complicated design but can dig the best possible performance, you can buy Decware Folded Horn plan on their website:








Additional information

Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 38 × 38 × 46 cm


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