RCA Interconnect Cable | HE-02 | 1 Meter


RCA interconnect audio cable

Length: 1 meter x 2 cables

Wire & Conductor: 4 wires (2.0mm / wire) x 6 conductors (0.23mm / conductor)

Conductor material: OFC copper + silver

Insulator material: PE

Launching promotion till 2024/Apr/30

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Throughout our R&D of speakers, we have the chance to test and try many audio products including cables, and some outstanding ones broke our prejudice of “cable is a myth” as the sound improvement is very easily audible. After that, we were quite interested in finding directly from the source, an audio cable that brings the most remarkable sound improvement within touchable budget range, and finally we got this HE-02. They do bring a vivid sound with as much details as possible while keeping well balanced tone, which are favorable for full range speakers. We also invited many audiophiles and experts to do blind test and happily got their positive agreements, and proudly present this to audiophile community.
Here-below are technical descriptions of these cables:
1. The cable is formed by multi wires of which the conductor is made of evenly twisted ultra-high purity Ag and Cu lines for expanding the frequency range in signal transmission. The overall conductor has been proceeded with time-based Internal stress relief to eliminate unwanted resonance.
2. The solder joints use high-end (PCOCC) silver to reduce resistance and ensure lossless signal.
3. The conductor is covered by over-military level PE insulator with anti-vibration substance to ensure extreme high insulation factor and prevent external electrical signal interference.
4. The cable has shielding net made with tinned OFC copper, plus a cover layer made with silver-plated foil.
5. The final external layer is made of polyester plus viscose fiber in braided structure, it resists against wear and absorb external vibration
6. The cable is made of 4 wires with 6 conductors in each wire. Each conductor has diameter of 0.23mm, forming wire of 2.0mm, then together they make up the cable of 8.8mm (+-0.3mm)

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