One Pair | 15 Inch Full Range Speakers | Optimized Detail, Frequency Response and Soundstage | Fast-15


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Technical data:

Nominal impedance Z: 8 Ohms
Frequency response:fo-18khz
Fs: 36.5 Hz
Sd: 245.703 cm³
Qms: 7.583
Qes: 0.324
Qts: 0.528
Mean Sound Pressure Level: 97.1dB (2.83V/1m)
Weight: 12 KG
Package dimension: 46*52*52 cm
Paper Cone Material: Compound Pulp

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Since creation of F-15 we have always been thinking about all possible upgrades, after years of development and experiment, we can now proudly present to you Fast-15, a new member of Fast series. This model is optimized in detail and soundstage, giving a more present imaging and fuller sound body. The bass is deeper and more elastic that the energy can be released and pulled back quickly and easily. This model also has high end extension that rolls off up to 18kHz, giving a more vivid and swift sound experience. It uses the same basket as F-15 and can be direct upgrade by replacing the driver unit.


Additional information

Weight 15 kg

2 reviews for One Pair | 15 Inch Full Range Speakers | Optimized Detail, Frequency Response and Soundstage | Fast-15

  1. MELVIN DURNELL (verified owner)

    These are FANTASTIC!!! Well done to the team at LII Audio for the tweaks to this driver. The midrange is stunning. I’m running a pair teamed with the W15’s and its magnificent. These are sleepers in the audiophile world. My experience with LII Audio has been amazing, fast shipping, well packed. Highly recommended full range driver.

  2. Thomas Warnock (verified owner)

    I built a pair of Decware ZM15 speakers with these. They came out great but at first they sounded horrible but after 50 hours they started breaking in. At 100 hours they were 90 %there Six months later they are smooth and full range with no crossover distortion. They do like to be about 4ft from the front wall to expand the Soundstage and only slightly toed in. Some people have added a second 6 or 8inch speaker or a super tweeter but I think they are great just stock. The only tweak I did was to put them on13 inch stands and add a small Monoprie subwoofer for tones below 60hertz I am very happy with the quality and end result. – highly recommend!

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