Pair | Liionidas Extreme Open Baffle and Crossover and Drivers | High Class OB solution | Silver-10EVO or Pt-10 version


Liionidas Extreme is reinforced Liionidas open baffle design with upgrades in design, material and finishing

This set contains:

Open baffles made with marine wood and pure piano lacquer

A pair of Liionidas Crossover intergrated in metal spine

Heavy Metal base with Spikes

A Pair of Silver-10EVO/Platinum-10 and W-15

All assembled and you just need to unpack and wire to play

Recommended 100W x 2 or more power for amplification to hear its full competence


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Here it comes, the Liionidas Extreme is premium version of Liionidas Open Baffle designed by Leon Huijgen. This set of baffle is handmade, premium version for those who would like to have a complete solution with high-end furniture features. You can select between two versions using different drivers: Platinum-10 which is Lii Song’s current flagship driver, or Silver-10 EVO which is huge upgraded version of previous flagship driver Silver-10.

The Liionidas Extreme keeps all the acoustic design from the original Liionidas OB, but adds improvements in terms of mechanic structure and finish detail. It has a thick and strong metal spine to support the baffles, with firm fixation to hold the whole structure well and stable. The Liionidas Crossover is integrated inside the spine and binding posts pre-set near the speakers, so there won’t be any headache of wiring. The bottom panel is now replaced by a heavy metal one with spikes, so that the OB can stand steady on both flat ground and carpet.

The open baffle is finished by piano factory with thick baked piano lacquer, it has super flat and glossy surface just like pure mirror, and is super hard that you can use cloth to wipe on it without fear of leaving any trace.






Additional information

Weight 80 kg
Dimensions 100 × 20 × 70 cm

Silver-10EVO, Platinum-10


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