One Pair | 12 Inch Full Range Speaker Driver | F-12


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Nominal impedance Z: 8Ohm
Frequency response:50-15khz
Fs: 32.8 Hz
Sd: 53.093m³
Qms: 14.629
Qes: 0.746
Qts: 0.710
Mean Sound Pressure Level: 94.8dB (2.83V/1m)
Weight: 11 KG
Package dimension: 42*36*36 cm
Paper Cone Material: Compound Pulp


After long time of development, we can at last present with honor this 12 inch full range driver F-12 to the world of audiophiles. This unit has optimized bass and balanced mid and high to achieve a great transparency, and a wider range of adaptation with more styles of songs than common full rangers can do.

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Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 42 × 36 × 36 cm

3 reviews for One Pair | 12 Inch Full Range Speaker Driver | F-12

  1. vealokin24

    Hello! In addition to the presented T/S parameters, could you give the following values: Bl, Mms or Mmd, Le, Vas.? they are necessary for the design of acoustics. I would also like to know the size of the basket. Thanks. And creative success to You!

  2. tharkey (verified owner)

    This has to be one my all-around favorite drivers. My Decware Z-kit 1 (2.3 WPC) is the perfect match with this speaker, mounted on a medium/large open baffle. This is one of the most dynamic cleanest full-range speakers that I’ve heard. The bass has tons of detail… clean and solid… the highs/mids are full of presence and crispness. My son and grandson both love the sound of these!
    At the moment, I’m listening to a set of Liionidas with W-15’s and S-8’s with a larger amp. As much as I love the detail and overall sound, I still love the simplicity of the F-12 OB.
    I’m hard-pressed to choose between the two. The Liionidas probably edge out the F-12’s on sound quality and realism, but for the price difference, I would be happy to live with the F-12′ for the rest of my life. I love being able to tell the difference in the sound of tubes in my amps with either one of these speakers.
    I own several different Lii Audio drivers. I keep coming back to these as my reference speaker to compare all the others against.

  3. JRobie (verified owner)

    Excellent full-range drivers. I am new to full-range drivers. After some research and reading the website “Glow in the Dark Audio”, I immediately bought Lii Audio’s F18, F15, and F12 drivers. I received them in about a week to California. They sound very good with my Oldchen 300b tube amplifier. Within a few hours, all the sounds improved. More natural. These drivers will only get better with time. All of the F18s, F15s, and F12s sound excellent, I probably like the F18s a little more due to more present sound. If I didn’t have them side-by-side for comparison, I would be very happy with anyone of them. They’re all that good. I was thinking of putting these drivers on an amp stand, but they all sound so good on the carpet leaning against my speaker stands. So I decided to keep them that way.

    All 3 orders were ordered within 4 days, they all came in about 1 week. Unfortunately, one of the F12 drivers was damaged not from the well packed and shipping. I emailed Lii Audio and got a response back the next day with a promise to send me another pair with an apology. I received a free pair replacement in about a week. That’s excellent customer service.

    Thank you Lii Audio.

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