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Technical Data: 
1. PMSE-Free 1.35 Ohms
2. Fs 49.6 Hz
3. Re 6.56 Ohms(dc)
4. Qes 63.78 Ohms
5. Qms 7.45
6. Qes 0.78
7. Qts 0.71
8. L1 0.11 mH
9. L2 0.47 mH
10.R2 3.57 Ohms
11.RMSE-load 0.85 Ohms
13.Vas(sd) 178.5 liters
14.Mms 13.70 grams
15.Cms 1473 uM/Newton
16.Bl 5.92 Tesla-M
17.Splref(sd) 97.2 dB(Re)
18.Rub-index 0.5

Method: Mass-loaded (13 500 grams)

Area (Sd): 146.56 sq cm

Drc mode: Measure (-0.80 ohms)

Qc file: CLOSED

Weight: 11KG


This F-15, 15″ Full range speaker driver is another one of our recommended product. It achieves a really high performance while keeping in a low cost, which makes it product of the best price-quality ratio among all our drivers. It sounds smooth and fine in mid-high range whereas vigorous in low frequency, which makes it an outstanding choice for enjoying orchestra and traditional songs. Try this and get yourself amazed by how such a big thing can manage so well and so sensitive in handling mid-high range but still keep the natural good outcome for big drivers in low frequency.



15" full range speaker driver F-15 technical data

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 45 cm

17 reviews for One Pair | Recommended 15″ Full Range Speaker Driver | Fast High and Scaled Sound | F-15

  1. Pascal Dubois

    Reçu il y a un mois et je décide de laisser mon compliment, car pour une paire de 15″ à ce prix on n’attend pas de grande chose surtout pour la haute fréquence mais celle-là dépasse incroyablement l’attente! Qualité invincible à ce prix et ça explique l’épuissement constant…

  2. Nimes Haslowel

    Pity that I only took this instead of the promotion of Crystal-10 and this together for the price for one. It is amazing how a 15″ can sound so lovely in high range and no need to compensate with a woofer. A magic of music. Really wondering how well Crystal-10 can perform judging on a basis of this 15 inch driver! Saving bucks now for a pair of Crystal-10 and hope the promotion will still be available when I’m able to buy.

  3. liquid2016

    I am located in the USA. I received a pair of F15s. Packing was very good. I listened to the speakers open baffle. I am very impressed with the sound, construction and appearance of the speakers. The customer service at LII Audio has been great. They provided me with a drawing for ported boxes for the F15s, which I am building now. I ordered a pair of Crystal-10s I am looking forward to receiving. My amp is pretty smooth. It has clarity cap CMR capacitors. I expect great results from the LII Audio products. Thank you LII Audio for the great products and service.

  4. adjasc (verified owner)

    I’m running a pair of these open baffle and the are the biggest, densest sound I’ve heard. I do use bass equalization to boost the lows, which for me is essential to really dig deep. The high efficiency is a real plus. These sound great at any volume.

  5. theumbrellacorp (verified owner)

    I added these to a set of open baffle modular frames. Power by a set of 8W/ch Acuhorn M2’s these sound amazing. The bass is very expressive, not terribly loud but you hear it. The sound is open and the sound stage massive. These are very fun to play with and sound even better.

  6. KGPiano1981 (verified owner)

    These drivers are exceptional. I am running them on large open baffles (modeled after the Decware Zen Master speakers – which by the way; there is a LOT of information on these speakers on their forums). They *need* break in time – the sound has smoothed and settled quite a bit in the first 250 hours of use. I am powering them with a Elekit TU-8600 300B SET amp that I built last year, and it’s a great combination. Music of all styles has never sounded better in my room. I can play small scale jazz as well as large scale classical, and it’s incredible what these drivers can do. Sound is effortless, open, and imaging is pinpoint on excellent recordings. Thank you, Lii audio for your dedication to wonderful products. Keep up the excellent work!

  7. craig4tone (verified owner)

    I have heard a lot of speakers in my time and these drivers in open baffles are simply amazing and probably one of the top 5 speakers I have ever heard! I am running them with a Tubelab SE tube amp running 45’s. I was worried about the bass but there is plenty there and unless you are listening to organ or electronic, you aren’t missing anything. Most fullrange speakers fall on their face with complex passages but these can keep up with any orchestral composition you play on them. As much as it pains me to say this, these will probably replace my highly-modified Klipschorns in my music room. I’ll probably add the W15 in an open baffle sub to complement the low-end and also plan to experiment with Fostex T90A’s to fill in the top. Built quality is excellent, speakers packaged very well and shipped quickly. HIGHLY recommended!

  8. migoblue2014 (verified owner)

    Only about 50 hrs on them, but, wow! Yes they are a bit rolled off, but you need to hear above 15k or so to notice it much. On most music, you won’t care because down to about 60 hz, (open baffle), these are so coherent and large. Very good rendering of space and flesh to notes. Upper base weight and tone are excellent. I assume this will continue to improve. My 60 w tube amp is too much., because these things need 10 watts max for full scale dynamics in a medium room. Very sensitive…underrated. I am thrilled. I’m selling my Legacy Focus speakers.

  9. davidnacant (verified owner)

    Hi just received a pair of these. A very easy and smooth transaction, great communications and very well packed. Will try in open baffle first then build the cabinets. Thank you very much.

  10. fire13942002-8115

    A well-made speaker with extraordinary quality, needs a minimum of 40 hours of break-in , I did it in 2 months.
    I used an “Onken” enclosure from the December 1977 publication by Jean Hiraga No. 2 Audiophile.
    I listen this Onkens-F15 with Amp Kt88 and Dac-Preamp vacuum tube too.

    best regards juliovideo

  11. chris baron (verified owner)

    very fast delivery. very reasonable shipping cost. packing superb. great quality speaker, perfect for low power tube amp. i have them on open baffles which sounds superior to cabinets imo. why muffle away half the sound energy in a box. 35 watt st70 is too powerful for these speakers. 1 watt single ended triode or 3.5 watt class AB are perfect. please check this website on how to build your own dirt cheap tube amp that runs perfectly with these speakers

  12. Thomas Schumann (verified owner)

    I am located in Germany and received these speakers very well packed and very fast (shipping time below one week !!!) about two weeks ago. I am running the F15s in large open baffle cabinets with a Spud tube amplifier rated at 1 Watt per channel. What shall I say: The speakers sound wonderful at any volume (and yes, they can play really loud with only 2*1 Watt, ask my neighbour) and still increase in sound quality day by day. Soundstage is excellent with clear and open sound. They absolutely master my speaker test tracks (Evil Dub, Footer, Jazz Variants, Lolapalooza, Poem of Chinese drums, Petro Oleum, Black Magic Woman by Patricia Barber etc. ) and perform excellent. So, thank you very much for these amazing and wonderful speakers.

  13. B. Perry (verified owner)

    Speakers arrived today after a week or so. Perfect condition, good packing with just cardboard – little waste. Yet to fit them to the Open Baffles I’m building (Betsy style) but had to hook them up anyway just to hear them. Sound is great considering. Amazing listening to test tracks and getting such a complete spectrum high-low. I’m now just waiting on my Muzishare amp and a DAC and I’ll be set. Happy with this purchase.

  14. Patrick Wolff (verified owner)

    First things first- do NOT judge these until they are broken in. Shipping was fast and good and I was really excited to drop them into some open baffles (Caintuck style). They sounded horrible. It was my first experience with FR drivers and I really had no idea about how much the sound changes as they break in…I’m usually a skeptic about break-in with electronics, but I guess due to the composition of these drivers, they really need it…anyway, I’m really glad I didn’t sell them, because over the next two months, they turned into pure magic. I’ve done a lot of experimenting with them with different gear, so here are my thoughts:
    They are very sensitive, so any hiss or hum in your gear will be audible. In my setups, they sound best with tube gear, it seems to bring out the best imaging characteristics. I’ve used them with a 3.5 wpc 2a3 SET amp and on all but the busiest and densest passages, it is an incredible combination. They are vivid, very visceral, amazing imaging, incredible amounts of detail, and basically make you feel like you are on stage sitting in the middle of the musicians. With more wattage (a fisher 5oob), the soundstage and bass are both significantly improved, but the midrange on the SET amp wins.
    I have found that they benefit from a bit of EQ…not much, but a little bump (maybe 2db) under 200hz does make them feel more complete to my ears. Granted, I have them in very small baffles, so in a ported box or much larger baffle I’m sure the bass is more present.
    I also enjoy them with the phase plug right below ear height…I had them on the floor with a slight tilt, and the imaging was incredible, but the midrange didn’t have the oomph I wanted. I will eventually put them in bigger baffles.
    I’ve played around with a lot of great speakers, and was coming from a pair of Harbeth C7es3, which are the opposite end of the spectrum…all I can say is that these are a great deal and well worth the time and effort it took to break them in and match the system gear. They’re super revealing and super engaging, and just huge amounts of fun to listen to. They don’t have the last word in refinement and may be a little peaky compared to something like harbeth, but I also have them in such a small baffle that I’m sure that would be tamed/improved in other configurations. Overall, the imaging, detail, and involvement they bring may be better than any speakers I’ve heard. They’re keepers, and a bargain.

  15. TERRY DEES (verified owner)

    Fantastic speaker!! I have them in some Decware inspired DIY baffles and they sound amazing. Midrange presence is unbelievable and the bass is fast and textured. They will for sure need some break in for the bass to open but once it does it’s very fast and quite punchy especially if you drive them hard. And by drive them hard I mean 10 watts max if you can stand it that loud. Center imaging is so good it’s almost startling until you know to expect how present the vocals are going to be. The very top is a little soft to me but I have old and abused ears so other might not. I will be adding a pair of fast 8’s and a W-15 sub… or 2 for my new all open baffle system. Overall great speaker and great bargain.

  16. JRobie (verified owner)

    Amazing full-range drivers. I am new to full-range drivers. After some research and reading the website “Glow in the Dark Audio”, I immediately bought Lii Audio’s F18, F15, and F12 drivers. I received them in about a week. As soon as I turned on my Oldchen 300B amplifier, I could tell immediately that these drivers are special. Within a few hours, all the sounds improved. More natural and you are there sounds – voices and instruments with transparency in spades. These drivers will only get better with time.

    All 3 orders were ordered within 4 days, they all came in about 1 week. Unfortunately, one of the F12 drivers was damage not from the well packed and shipping. I emailed Lii Audio and got a response back the next day with a promise to send me another pair with an apology. That’s excellent customer service.

    Thank you Lii Audio.

  17. chris bowden

    If you’re here looking at these speakers, you know what you’ve come to buy….. just buy them !

    Mine took over a year to wear in, but god damn they fill the room, I love bass and dub, they’re enough…. super clean and fast… and any idiot can make an open baffle!

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