One Pair | Reference Level 15″ Fullrange Drivers | Platinum-15


Technical Data: 

Impedance: 8 ohm
Power: 25 – 50 W
Frequency response: Fu – 20k Hz
Fs: 26.4 Hz
Sd: 855.30 cm²
Qms: 11.117
Qes: 0.208
Qts: 0.223
Sensitivity: 99.8 dB (2.83V/1m)
Vas: 696.978 litre

Weight (a pair): 28 KG


Platinum-15 is the best 15″ full range driver we can do with all our best efforts. With the competence in terms of speed and detail of Platinum series, it also has the natural advantage of sound stage and surrounding effect of big diameter drivers. However this unit also has strict requirement of cabinet and environment to realize its best performance. With Fo of 26 Hz and sensitivity of 99.8 dB and Platinum level dynamics performance, this is a full range unit that can handle complicated music like orchestra alone.

Please be advised that this unit is not ideal to be used in single-driver open baffle design. Although it’s quite big and would require even bigger cabinets, its Qts of 0.223 is not ideal for being used alone on an open baffle as baffle loss would be very remarkable. We would recommend either making a suitable cabinet to use it in mono-driver configuration and enjoy all the advantages of full range unit, or compensating the bass with a woofer if insisting in using on open baffle.


Additional information

Weight 22 kg


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